The following is a list of what we require for your uniform in the 3d NHV. What is listed is what the 3d New Hampshire Infantry was issued when they were at Camp of Instruction on Long Island, NY in late 1862. Over time the uniform changed, but only slightly. So please go by this list when you are putting your 'Kit' together. We ask that you keep your buying to a minimum, cause it can get expensive. You don't have to go out and buy it all at once, unless your a millionaire. Buy a few items at a time and what you can afford. We liked for you to have a 'complete basic uniform' within one year. Oh word of advice, shop wisely and get the best quality you can afford. Watch out for the cheap stuff, it will not last long.

COAT: Federal Sack Coat 4-Button in Dark Blue
TROUSERS: Federal Issue for Infantry in Dark Blue( First Issue) or Sky Blue(2nd Issue after 1863)Don't forget the Suspenders!
SHIRT: Muslin or choice of Shirt
HEADGEAR: Federal Issue Forage Cap in Dark Blue
FOOTWEAR: Brogans with rough look and Leather Laces
Don't forget the Socks!
LEATHERS: All Black Leather Belt, Cartridge Box w/Sling and Cap Pouch(Optional NHSM Buckle on the Cartridge Box Flap)
CANTEEN: Federal Issue Round covered in Dark Blue w/ Black Leather Strap
HAVERSACK: Black Tarred('Stuffers' are up to you)
BUCKLE: Prefer Brass 'NHSM', but 'US' will do
BREAST PLATE: US Eagle(Optional)
HAT BRASS: #3 w/Infantry Horn(Optional)
RIFLE: Prefer 1861 Springfield 3-Band(Issued to the 3rd NHV in Camp of Instruction on Long Island, NY), but 1858 Enfield 3-Band will do(NO 2-Bands or Pistols ~ Pistols for Junior and Senior Officers Only)
Tent, Poncho, Sleeping Bag, Blanket(Wool Issue or period Correct), Camping Cot, Camp Chair, Plate, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Poke Sacks, Wool Gloves, Extra Socks, Comb, Mirror, Cup, Storage Box, Extra Shirt, Knapsack, Bedroll and Bandanna.
Any other items are up to you to purchase. And the 3d New Hampshire is NOT responsible for the keep of your gear and items.