The Third New Hampshire Volunteers is a American Civil War Re-enacting & Living History Group located in South Carolina. We are a group of historians that have come together to portray the Union soldier that was stationed and fought along the coast of South Carolina from Hilton Head to Charleston, SC. The 3d NHV also fought in Virginia(Petersburg/Richmond) and North Carolina(Ft. Fisher/Wilmington).
Our Mission is to represent the Civil War soldier in all aspects of his life, teach and show the real history and preserve our nation's heritage through the honor of wearing the uniform. We have Civilian Living Historians as well who represent the Home Front and Camp life during the war. We are a re-enacting family and we believe in having a solid core of family values and traditions like our ancestors over 150 years ago. If you have a desire to wear the wool, live and march like a soldier, charge into battle, sit around the campfire and chat, eat like a soldier then the Third has a home for you.
We welcome any person who can and wants to experience the lifestyle of a soldier or civilian during the early to mid 1860's. Come join us around the campfire, you'll love it. And once you get that taste of black powder and the smell of battle in you, you will be hooked. To become a member just click on the 'Enlist' link above and someone will contact you in a timely manner.

We live by the New Hampshire State Motto, which was established during the American Revolution, "Live Free or Die, Death is Not the Worst of Evils". You will hear us yell "Live Free or Die" as we charge in battle.

      We are members of the Union Volunteers