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Third New Hampshire Volunteers

2013(1863) Event Schedule

August: TBA

6th-8th: Battle of Bost Grist Mill; Concord, NC - 3d NHV Affiliated
19th-22nd: 150th Chickamauga; NW Georgia - U. V. Affiliated.
Unit Impression: 10th Indiana, Co. B

25th-27th: Battle of Brattonsville; McConnells, SC - 3d NHV Affiliated
25th-27th: Living History at Denver Downs; Anderson, SC - 17th NY Affiliated

8th-10th: 150th Assault on Battery Wagner; Boone Hall Plantation; Mt. Pleasant, SC - 3d NHV Affiliated SUPER MAX EVENT

6th-8th: Battle of Congree Creek; Sandy Run, SC - 3d NHV Affiliated
13th-15th: Battle of Fort McAllister; Richmond Hill, GA - 17th NY Affiliated

2014(1864) Event Schedule: COMING SOON!

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